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Microsurfacing is an environment friendly cold mix application treatment for wearing course applied over an existing or a newl laid bituminous or cement concrete road surface.

It consists of a mix of specially graded fineaggregates, modified bituminous emulsion, cement, break control additive and water which after being mixed homogeneously onsite in a special Microsurfacing machine, is spread immediately over the road surface evenly by means of a spreader box attached behind the machine.

Microsurfacing is a cost effective polymer modified cold-mix paving system that can remedy a broad range of problems on today's streets, highways, and airfields. Introduced in the U.S. in 1980, Microsurfacing is now routinely used all over the world in preventive maintenance programs and for rut filling and texturing moderate to heavy volume roads, over both asphalt and concrete pavements. Invented in Germany. Tested and perfected in use on the Autobahn. In use worldwide for more than 40 years. Prevents deterioration caused by ultraviolet light. Prevents sub-base failure. High and low volume applications. Water tight surface. Better Skid resistance. No need to work beyond the curb. No post project operations, loose stone. Esthetically pleasing Six to nine year life span.

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LOMASH SLURRYTECH PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated in the year 2004. The company, through its international affiliates and those of its shareholders, brings a unique blend of local and global experience and innovation to its customers. Operating in the diversity of whole of India, the Company draws on the experience of its Directors as well as associate companies.

The Company has a Joint Venture with KRAUSE ITALIA SpA, Italy, for technical collaboration in the field Microsurfacing. KRAUSE Italia SPA is a leading applicator for Microsurfacing and slurryseal in Italy with experience of over 10 years in Italy and more than 25 years in Germany. This Joint Venture with KRAUSE Italia SPA, Italy gives us great advantage for execution of large Microsurfacing works in India.





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